Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oprah's Big Give: Eric & Stephen's first challenge

You've probably heard of Oprah's Big Give series; I recommend the whole thing. I must spotlight one effort: Eric and Stephen did an incredible job on their first challenge. After they met the widow they were to help, I thought, "I hope the contestants on this include some kind of personal touch in their gift." Sure enough, these two came through, both in the kinds of gifts and in their presentation. They gave the kids a shopping spree, they got the whole neighborhood together for the presentation, they got a local parish to set up the scholarship... it was impressive. Then came something incredibly thoughtful: they had the family members write a note to their Dad and send them up in balloons.


In addition to all that, I believe the donations they gathered far eclipsed every other project; it was all the above plus mortgage money. Impressive. Thanks, guys.